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Rosin Based (RMA) 186 Kester Liquid Flux Rosin Based (RMA) 186 From $54.84 Buy Now
Lead-Free Flux Pens Indium Liquid Flux Lead-Free Pens From $4.50 Buy Now
No-Clean 959T Kester Liquid Flux No-Clean 959T From $39.33 Buy Now
Water-Soluble 2235 Kester Liquid Flux Water-Soluble 2235 From $45.63 Buy Now

Kester 959T Low-Solids No-Clean Liquid Flux

Kester 959T Low-Solids No-Clean Liquid Flux

Kester 959T is a no-clean, non-corrosive, halogen free liquid flux that is designed for the wave soldering of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. This liquid flux was developed to minimize the formation of micro-solderballs during wave soldering operations. This flux contains a small percentage of rosin (0.5%), which improves solderability, heat stability and surface insulation resistance. Kester 959T offers the best wetting and the shiniest solder joints of any no-clean, solvent-based liquid flux. This liquid flux leaves evenly distributed residues for the best cosmetic appearance. Classified as ORL0 per J-STD-004 and compliant to Bellcore GR-78.

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Kester Liquid Flux: Flux-Pens®

Kester Liquid Flux Flux-Pens®

The Kester Flux-Pen® is a unique tool for rework and touch-up soldering. It allows controlled application of flux, eliminating the mess from flux bottles. These liquid flux pens are ideally suited for typical hand-soldering applications. Available in five different formulas:
959T: Low Solids No-Clean
186-18: RMA, No-Clean, Lower Solids
2331-ZX: Organic Acid Water-Soluble
186: RMA, No-Clean
951: Low-Solids, No-Clean, Halide Free

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